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  1. A higher level conference Brands and Marketers to build lasting relationships
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  3. Our industry has evolved faster than the older conferences


8 AM
9 AM
Mahi de Silva, Co-Founder & CEO, Future of Marketing Innovation
10 AM
TapJoy, Invoca, What If Media Group, with ADOSSI Where to Expand your Marketing after Google and Facebook
11 AM
Vitali Abramov, FMG, with Everflow What Makes a Modern Agency
12 PM
1 PM
DFO Global, RateSpecial, Curate Mobile, with FMG How to Drive User Acquisition for Brands
2 PM
David Sendroff, Founder of Forensiq, with Everflow Who Should be Responsible for Stopping Fraud
3 PM
Ro, Acceleration Partners, Cove, with Everflow Keeping your Brand Safe while Scaling Partner Marketing
4 PM
Adam Pivko, Limelight, with GDM How to Build a Powerhouse Performance Strategy
5 PM
Matt Wool, President, Acceleration Partners How to make Partner Marketing a Core Channel
5:30 PM
Cocktail Mixer & Networking  


Sam Darawish CEO Everflow
Vitali Abramov CEO FMG
David Sendroff Founder Forensiq by Impact
David Tam CEO & Co-Founder RateSpecial Interactive
Eli Saad Performance Partnerships ® Acceleration Partners
Jennifer Lee Head of Affiliate RO
Jordan Harmon Co-founder and VP of Marketing Cove
Nancy Adossi Principal Consultant ADOSSI
Matthew Kresge VP of Marketing DFO Global Performance Commerce
Michael Cole Director of Marketing Everflow
Adam Pivko Director of Strategic Accounts, Partnerships LimeLight
Andrew Klayman VP of Business Development What If Media Group
Mahi di Silva Co-founder & CEO
Matthew Wool President Acceleration Partners
Tie Davidson Sr. Manager, Affiliate Sales & Development Tapjoy
Tania Rodriguez Customer Success Manager Invoca

Thoughts from our speakers on notable new trends:

The rise of influencers. Tracking has grown sophisticated enough to start understanding their full marketing value for brands, and how much has just been a fad.
Sam Darawish
Everflow CEO
The trend in marketing is increasingly shifting to data analytics: where impact is constantly being measured across various different platforms. We already see that data scientists are increasingly working alongside marketers to better target customers in right-time marketing.
Nancy Adossi
ADOSSI Principal Consultant
The most successful partnerships start after answering this key question: Who should drive the relationship? That's the first conversation I want to have with potential partners.
Eli Saad
Acceleration Partners Performance Partnerships ™
Email marketing as we know it is dead. The new kings in town are: SMS and Messenger Marketing.
Jordan Harmon
Cove Co-founder and VP of Marketing
I've been recently interested in Push Notifications as an effective way to market to consumers. It’s similar to email 10+ years ago, where engagement is high and regulation is limited. There are significant opportunities for marketers that properly focus on relevant content that engages effectively with consumers, without abusing the relationship.
David Tam
RateSpecial Interactive CEO and Co-Founder
Social media continues to be a growing presence in our everyday lives. As a result, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for impacting people’s purchasing decisions. Influencer recommendations are trusted similar to a friend's referral.
Jennifer Lee
Ro Head of Affiliate
Understanding your target audience is key. We are moving towards capturing the “Gen Z” consumers attention, a generation that is looking for transparency and convenience. They will be the future of mobile growth.
Vitali Abramov
Performance via uber-personalization. I think this is where the performance industry is heading.
Matthew Kresge
VP of Marketing DFO Global Performance Commerce
If you spend much time outside the United States, you'll realize that the vast majority of marketing spend is digital, which makes them "Digital First" markets; however, in the U.S. traditionally a large portion of the marketing spend went into old media marketing, including TV. Analysts are predicting that 2019 will be the year when the US become “Digital First”, which is a good start - but there’s a lot of lessons learned from around the world that can be better leveraged here, including addressable TV, cross-screen engagement, OTT messaging, and payments.
Mahi di Silva
Co-founder & CEO
Performance-based partnerships are the future of digital marketing. We’re seeing more and more industry leaders strategically manage partners and influencers at scale using a framework that ensures businesses pay for outcomes rather than inputs.
Matthew Wool
President Acceleration Partners
Social media platforms have created opportunities for industry leaders and influencers to develop a huge following and strong online presence. I'm interested to see if these powerful new influencers will replace traditional Affiliate Marketing.
Tie Davidson
Sr. Manager, Affiliate Sales & Development Tapjoy
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